Portrait of a Graduate at MTV

November 20, 2017

Thanks to the sharp editing skills of Mountain View student, Derrian Brown, we have an edited 20 minute snapshot of our Centreville, USA and Cairo, Egypt video conference from Wednesday 11/15/17. 

Watch this conference VIDEO CONFERENCE

Portrait of a Graduate Logo

Students in Government class are encouraged to demonstrate the skills and attributes of the FCPS ideal outlined in “Portrait of a Graduate”. As they publish their thinking on the Mountain View Mirror, participate in guided inquiry on a variety of topics or pursue meaningful dialogue on the world stage through the Generation Global initiative, students build strength and confidence as Communicators, Collaborators, Global Citizens, Creative Critical Thinkers and Goal Directed Individuals. The Social Studies department witnesses little victories daily as we seek to build an academic community which will serve as a foundation of success for our graduates. Mountain View is not just a place for students to come to finish high school, it is the place where our students go from to find success in the world beyond high school.

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