Prospective students and/or parents should call to make a registration appointment at 703-227-2307. Speak with Ms. Rodriguez or Ms. Aqel to find out what records are necessary for registration. Registration appointments are made between the hours of 8 am and 2 pm on Monday and Wednesday.

17-Year-Old Students (See below for students receiving special education services)

Before sending a request to the Non-Traditional School Programs office to transfer a student to Mountain View High School, communication between the counselors or administrators from both the base school and Mountain View High School must take place to determine appropriateness of placement. 

The base school completes the NonTraditional Schools Programs Elective Placement Form and forwards it to the Non-Traditional School Programs office for approval. A copy of the Nontraditional Schools Program Elective Placement Form and all required documentation are faxed or sent to Mountain View High School.

Upon receipt of an approval letter from the Non-Traditional Schools Programs office and after Mountain View has received the aforementioned paperwork, the parent may call for an appointment to register the student at Mountain View. 

Project Opportunity (Pregnant & Parenting Teen Program) students must follow the above procedures.

Students Age 18 or Older  (See below for students receiving special education services)

Approval from the Non-Traditional Schools Programs office is not required. 

Upon receipt of the student’s discipline file, a current transcript, SOL test scores, and immunization record, the student may call for an appointment to register. 

If the student is denied enrollment, all records will be returned to the base school.

Students Receiving Special Education Services (Age 17 and above)

Placement at Mountain View is determined by the IEP team. The student’s base school must initiate an IEP, and a representative from the Mountain View Special Education Department must attend. 

Prior to the IEP meeting, the base school must send to Mountain View a copy of the current IEP, current eligibility packet, updated Fairfax County Public Schools transcript, SOL test scores, discipline file, immunizations, and attendance records. 

Hearings Office Placements 

If a student is placed at Mountain View School, an entry conference must be held between the student, the parent and the principal of Mountain View. The student’s discipline file, a current transcript, SOL test scores, and immunization record must be received before this conference is held. 

If the student is eligible for special education services, placement also requires an IEP team decision. See above for details. 

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