Safety and Security

Dr. Mark Harrington, Lauretta Garrett, Michael Joseph, MPO Brad Wrobel

The safety of students and staff, and the security of our campus, are the two main concerns of the Security Team. To meet the challenges of maintaining a safe campus, we ask for the assistance of students, staff and parents to be vigilant. If you feel that something needs to be addressed, please bring it to the attention of the Security Team as soon as possible.

FCPS Telephone Tip Line for Safety- 571-423-2020. FCPS encourages students and community members to report school safety issues, such as dangerous rumors, drug use, theft, harassment, gang activities, existence of weapons, and vandalism.

Emergency Announcements - When FCPS has a schedule change (closing or delay) due to inclement weather or other emergencies, the information is communicated as soon as the decision is made

Internet Safety - The Superintendent of Public Instruction has issued guidelines to school divisions regarding instructional programs related to Internet safety. Get net wise and Privacy Considerations When Posting Content Online are additional sites with further information to keep children safe and protect your data.

Student Rights and Responsibilities (SR&R) - The Student Rights and Responsibilities handbook - quick and easy access