Global Classroom Project

Partner Country: Guatemala

Content Focus: Advocacy for Quality Education through government and community understanding.

Sustainable Development Goal: Quality Education

FCPS Portrait of a Graduate Attributes: Ethical Citizenship, Collaborator, Communicator

Partnership Description

The students of Mountain View in Centreville, Va and Sagrado Corazon in Guatemala City exemplify the common goal of Quality Education within their unique social, economic and cultural situations.  The vast majority of Mountain View government students participating in this project are new arrivals to the United States seeking opportunity and stability through quality education. Students in Guatemala have invested in the private educational option that Sagrado Corazon provides as an alternative to the inequitable situation in the Guatemalan public school system.  On some level,  they see themselves in one another while also learning from very unique perspectives of personal experience and expectations.

Students collaborate directly with Video Conference meetings every two weeks on Thursday mornings at the start of the school day for 20 minutes. Students share personal introductions via google slides as they begin a dialogue of experiences with Quality Education. Seeing commonalities and differences in one another allows students to explore and expand their awareness of the issues.  The unique relationship between the global classroom partners allows for students to think locally and act globally as they promote greater equity in education in the wake of recent obstacles and setbacks created by the Covid 19 pandemic.

Through the application of citizenship, communication and collaboration skills along the pathway of government advocacy students build a portfolio of reflective thinking.  While all 17 of the UN. Sustainable Development Goals are interconnected, the gateway to social justice and understanding begins with quality education as stated in SDG 4.7 


What is the Global Classroom Project?

Elementary, middle, and high schools throughout Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) participate in the Global Classroom Project, which provides an opportunity for students to work with peers from around the world on authentic tasks and challenges. 

As part of the Global Classroom Project, schools select a Sustainable Development Goal from among 17 goals established by the United Nations as a blueprint for peace and prosperity for people and the planet. 

Throughout the Global Classroom Project, students also learn attributes of Portrait of a Graduate, which prioritizes the development of skills that will empower FCPS students to be productive citizens of a global community and successful in the workforce of the future. 


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