Global Classroom Mountain View Style

The goal of this year's Global Classroom project was to broaden students' understanding of diverse perspectives and cultures as they worked collaboratively to consider local, national, and world issues.

Collage of student Flipgrids and using Skype

World History II and Government classes at Mountain View High School continued their partnership with the Colbert School in Reims France with the hopes of expanding and sharing ideas across curriculums and cultures.

The main goal of this learning partnership is to develop and strengthen student skills in the FCPS Portrait of a Graduate Global and Ethical Citizen attribute.  Students participating in this program also strengthened their communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and goal-directed resilience skills.

Students kicked off the partnership by introducing themselves as well as their school environment to each other by creating videos in a shared Flipgrid classroom.

Next, students participated in a Skype session to develop dialogue skills where they began creating guiding questions around topics and issues that would allow them to collaborate via Padlet and make connections to the United Nations Global Sustainable Development Goals.  

Students participated in a second Skype session to clarify and strenghten their relationships and finalyze their guiding questions for their collabrative research and writing on Padlet. 

The culminating activity is a final Flipgrid aloowing students to summarize, reflect, and commit to being global citizens.

Value for students:
Student Voice and Student Choice with authentic PBL model.  Application of POG skills.

Collage of students using Skype