Cell Phone Policy

Cell Phone Policy Guidelines

Violating the policy will result in the following consequences.

Upon entering the classrooms, students are to silence and turn in their cell phones to the designated storage area.

Students may not access their cell phones during instructional time unless explicitly permitted to do so by the classroom teacher.

Cell phones may not be used in the hallways, library, or restrooms during instructional time.

Students may use their cell phones before school, during class changes, at lunch, and after school.

1. First offense- warning, assigned an administrative lunch detention, and the phone will be taken away for the remainder of the school day.

2. Second offense- follow up conversation with administration, week long administrative lunch detention assignment, and the student will be required to turn their phone in to their administrator/security for a week.

3. Third offense- the student have ISS and be required to turn their phone into administration/security for a week following ISS.

Any further infractions will result in the student having to turn in their cell phone during the school day for a semester. Students who do not adhere to these guidelines will be subjected to other disciplinary actions.

All phones turned in to administration will be kept in the security office.